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Nielsen, Erik C. Nielsen.Erik at epa.gov
Mon Jun 25 08:09:45 CDT 2018

I am posting this announcement/survey on behalf of Radiobioassay and Radiochemical Measurements Conference organizers and attendees.  Please take the short amount of time needed to complete this survey and return to  Dr. Litman. If you know of other persons that would be interested in providing their input and feedback on this survey, please forward it to them as well.
Erik Nielsen
RRMC Attendees and other interested persons,

Since the early 1980's there has been a decrease in the number of scientists trained/educated, globally, in the science of radiochemistry and radiobioassay.  This has led to a gap in both the number of personnel and the transfer of technical knowledge in the field of radiochemistry and radiobioassay.
The objectives of this survey are:

•  Connect our new and future radiochemists with our experienced radiochemists to provide a mentoring environment that promotes knowledge transfer

•  Develop a new venue for basic radiochemistry and radiobioassay education

•  Reinvigorate interest in this RRMC meeting to maintain and expand our field of scientific endeavor

•  Ensure preparedness in the event of a natural or man-created radiological emergency
The RRMC is looking forward to the candid feedback of all current and past attendees, and the radiochemistry and radiobioassay community at large who may not have attended, regardless of experience.  If there are others in your organizations who may not have received this survey, and are willing to respond, please pass this along to them as well.

Please send all responses to drbob20 at centurylink.net<mailto:drbob20 at centurylink.net>.

On behalf of the RRMC, please accept my thanx for completing this survey.
                                                                                Bob Litman

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