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Fri Mar 9 08:05:49 CST 2018

Good morning,

I am attempting to locate photographs (or leads that may result in
photographs) of these individuals. Your assistance is appreciated.

The recently formed Instrumentation Section of the HPS (I am the executive
secretary) plans to establish an award, accompanied by an honorarium, once
sufficient funds are available. This will be awarded annually. The award
will be named after an individual that made significant contributions to
health physics instrumentation.

While I already have photos of most of these individuals, I am asking in
the hope that the Group may have something new for me to see. Now while you
may be tempted to jump over to Google and search, please know that for the
majority of these individuals, I wrote the biographical article you will
read on Wikipedia, etc. (disclosure: I am a senior editor on Wikipedia).
You will learn things that you did not know prior to reading these articles
(please excuse this shameless plug, as I have so much fun with this
research and writing about the pioneers of health physics!).

Individuals that will be considered include (*list may be incomplete, as
other individuals may be considered*):

*Howard Clayton Eberline*, (15 October 1917 – 26 May 1981) pioneer in the
field of instrumentation for detecting ionizing radiation, inventor and
entrepreneur. Eberline started his career at Los Alamos National Laboratory
and began a long career of designing and developing radiation detection
instrumentation that lead to the formation of a company that would bear his
name and become a key player in the industry. As you may recognize, yes,
this is the Eberline of same meters you have probably used before.

*George Samuel Hurst*, (13 October 1927 – 4 July 2010) was a health
physicist, scientist, inventor, educator and innovator. He developed the
omnipresent touchscreen technology and single atom theory. Hurst spent his
career at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

*Roscoe L. Koontz*, (16 December 1922 – 17 May 1997) was a health
physicist. Koontz was trained as a health physicist through the first
Atomic Energy Health Physics Fellowship Training Program at the University
of Rochester.

*Donald (Don) George Ludlum*, (1932 – 2015) The man that founded Ludlum
Measurements, Inc. (LMI). The Ludlum company designs and manufactures
radiation detection instruments and technologies. Founded in 1962 by Don

*Leonidas D. Marinelli*, (28 November 1906 – 13 September 1974), born in
Argentina and died in Illinois. Marinelli was an American radiologist,
health physicist and inventor. If you have ever used a Marinelli beaker for
gamma spectroscopy, this is that person who invented/developed that beaker.

*Francis Rudolph Shonka*, (18 April 1906 – 11 October 1970) was a physicist
and inventor. Shonka was known for his pioneering work with ionizing
radiation measurement devices and equipment. For example: Shonka ionization
chamber, the Shonka electrometer, and Shonka plastics.

*Homer Clyde Snook* (25 March 1878 – 23 September 1942) was an American
electrical engineer and inventor. He developed the Snook apparatus, the
first interrupterless device produced for X-ray work.

*John Austin (Jack) Victoreen*, (4 July 1902 – 5 May 1986) was a
self-taught physicist, engineer, inventor and otologist. He founded the
Victoreen Instrument Company.

*Nancy Farley (Nan) Wood* (12 July 1903 – 19 March 2003) was a member of
the Manhattan Project and a business owner who designed, developed and
manufactured her own line of ionizing radiation detectors. Wood founded the
N. Wood Counter Laboratory.

Thank you for your assistance. Anyone interested in joining the HPS
Instrumentation Section?

Thomas P. Johnston

Instrumentation Section, Executive Secretary

Director-elect, Health Physics Society

Thomas P. Johnston

Health Physicist

NIST Center for Neutron Research

National Institute of Standards and Technology

100 Bureau Drive, Stop 6100

Gaithersburg, MD 20899


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