[ RadSafe ] user manual for Studsvik Gammameter 2414

Helmut Fischer hfischer at physik.uni-bremen.de
Tue Dec 10 05:36:32 CST 2019

Dear colleagues,

does anyone have access to user manual, circuit diagrams etc. of this portable dose rate meter?

Studsvik (Alnor?) gammameter 2414A with 5315B probe

We recently re-discovered it in the back of a locker, and it appears to be operational. At least it gives about 5 uR background rate, and the reading increases parallel to that of a modern dose rate meter when a 137Cs test source is successively approached to both probes.

In order to determine whether the instrument could still be useful, e.g. for teaching purposes, some technical information would be very helpful! A web search gave no results except for some measurement protocols from the 1980ies and 199ies, and that it was also marketed under Alnor brand.

Many thanks in advance!

Helmut Fischer

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