[ RadSafe ] Conversion Bq-Sievert

Theo Richel theo at richel.org
Sun Feb 3 10:43:04 CST 2019

Could anyone please help me with the conversion of Bequerels to Sieverts?  I don’t feel safe to do it. As a journalist I am writing about the late Eben Byers who died in 1932 after swallowing - as he said 1400 bottles of Radithor of which each bottle contained 74 kBq (half radium 226 and radium 228). He swallowed it during 3 years, and then lived/suffered for 2 years until his death. 30 years after his death Robley Evans analysed his remains and concluded that Byers bones contained 225 kBq. Expected was about a 100 so Byers may have underreported his consumption. That being what it is I would like someone  someone to calculate from this 225kBq Byers lifetime dosis in Sieverts. I am  building a website  (popular, in Dutch) with the aim to fight  radiofobia and that requires imho t'hat I keep the usage of units limited and as uniform as possible. Anyone?

Many thanks

Theo Richel
The Netherlands

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