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Mon Feb 4 06:46:19 CST 2019

Dear RADsafers,


Since 2015, a project sponsored by the IAEA ENVIRONET
aimed at providing guidance on the appropriate NORM management has been
running. The target audience for the project includes regulators, industrial
operators, and researchers in IAEA Member States where Industries involving
NORM and/or legacy sites contaminated by Naturally Occurring Radionuclides
(NOR) are present.


One of the main purposes of this project is to compile and share good
practices to support IAEA Member States related to both sustainable NORM
residue/waste management and legacy site management. To this aim, three main
tasks have been defined:

1.    Report on Considerations for Developing Policies and Strategies for
NORM Management

2.    Document Providing Guidance on the Assembly of Relevant NORM
Information by IAEA Member States (NORM Inventories)

3.    Assessment of Costs Associated with NORM Waste Management


Task 3 aims to develop (1) a guidance document providing a roadmap for
assessing costs associated with the management of NORM residues and wastes,
across the full lifecycle of activities (including decommissioning), and (2)
an annex providing examples of cost values and ranges.


The proposed approach builds upon the so-called waste management hierarchy
(Prevention, Minimization, Preparation for re-use, Recycling, Other forms of
recovery, Disposal). Once declared waste a large range of costs related to
management of these materials has to be considered relating to activities
involving waste characterization, treatment; storage and disposal. Costs
considerations will also play a decisive role when deciding whether
materials can be recycled or reused. 


Assessing the cost involved in the above operations is challenging due to
the diversity of: 

o  Industrial operations involving NORM;

o  NORM waste characteristics (regarding their chemical, physical, volume,
hazards, properties); and

o  Regulatory requirements  


In the scope of the present work, individuals representing a cross-section
of stakeholders (regulatory bodies, industry, researcher, consultants,
member of organization etc.) are being surveyed to identify the main factors
driving NORM management costs. So in this respect I would like to ask you a
favour: would to fill in this 4 minutes questionnaire?  



Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

Gert Jonkers

(retired Shell Subject Matter Expert - NORM)

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