[ RadSafe ] Marco's request for articles:

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Wed Feb 13 10:47:43 CST 2019

I am forwarding this for Marco Bähler since the $%^ over agressive spam 
filter here doesn't seem to like his emails for some reason.  I think 
many of us have been affected by this at one time or another.

Anyhow here is his request for two articles.  Surely someone here is 
familiar with these and can help him out.  RADSAFE is usually a great 
resource for this sort of thing - when the technology doesn't get in the 

I'm sure Marco will very much appreciate any help.


> Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht:
> *Von: *bähler <m.c.baehler at bluewin.ch <mailto:m.c.baehler at bluewin.ch>>
> *Betreff: **access to reports NO SPAM!*
> *Datum: *13. Februar 2019 um 11:36:15 MEZ
> *An: *"The International Radiation Protection (Health Physics) Mailing 
> List" <radsafe at health.phys.iit.edu <mailto:radsafe at health.phys.iit.edu>>
> dear list
> my last requests were not plain enough…
> I try another time and if you still dont see it I dont know how to 
> proceed.
> kind regards for help to obtain those reports
> marco bähler
> euratom 5B
> uetikon
> switzerland
> 1)
> Kunz, C O, Mahoney, W E, and miller, T W 1974
> C-14 gaseous effluents from pressurized water reactors:
> Health physics symposium on population exposures,
> Knoxville, Tennessee.
> 2)
> Kunz, C O, Mahoney, W E, and miller, T W 1975
> C-14 gaseous effluents from boiling water reactors:
> Am. Nuclear Soc ann mtg, New Orleans, Louisiana

marco bähler
kleindorfstrasse 105
8707 uetikon

+41 79 279 66 56

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