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Hi Prof Hill

I don’t doubt that your belief is true.  However, the article claims that this is U ore, not e.g., ore concentrate (“yellow cake”).  So, in principle, the progeny of U-238 are present, roughly in secular equilibrium.  If it were ore concentrate, the first two daughters (Th-234 + Pa-234) would reach equilibrium in about seven (7) months.  Now, Pa-234 decays by emitting a big beta (2.3 MeV=Emax).   So there is some opportunity for bremsstrahlung, but also a good bit of self-shielding by the contents of the “drums” (steel pails).

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> Dear all,
> the article confounds alpha-rays and gamma-rays. Uranium emitts alphas, which is easily shielded as described. It is however bad to make public think that gamma-rays could be shielded by a sheet of paper.
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