[ RadSafe ] Storage of Depleted Uranium Metal in Utah

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 08:01:08 CST 2019

Have any of you been following this in the Utah legislature?  There
has been massive citizen campaign to stop this storage because long
future Uranium-238 decay products are more radioactive than U-238.
What I think that they are not getting is the amount of time that this
takes and the amount of higher level radioactive decay products that
will be created and their affect on the overall radioactivity.  I get
these because I have a Google Alert on Depleted Uranium that usually
advises me of something happening in Serbia where they are still
trying to claim that NATO poisoned their country forever and may have
a UC Berkeley professor appearing in a 20th anniversary documentary
movie that claims to have big name Hollywood support.  They may also
be spreading lies on the internet.  The professor has yet to reply to
me, but I was not particularly diplomatic in my approach so she might
also be ignoring me.


Roger Helbig

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