[ RadSafe ] ANSI Standard N43.2-2001 to Be Revised - writing committee members sought

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Wed Jan 16 11:43:36 CST 2019

This was posted in the January Health Physics Newsletter and hasn't had 
a lot of response so far - so I am "casting the net further". ANSI 
standards are "consensus standards" so I am hoping for a broad base on 
the writing committee and would like to see not just users and/or 
regulators but manufacturers or system fabricators as well.

ANSI Standard N43.2-2001 to Be Revised

The ANSI-Standard, Radiation Safety for X-ray Diffraction and 
Fluorescence Analysis Equipment, (N43.2- 1991) is due for revision, or 
withdrawal under ANSI policies. This standard was reviewed and 
reaffirmed in 2010 and has as its scope the following :

This standard provides guidelines specific to the radiation safety 
aspects of the design and operation of x-ray diffraction and

fluorescence analysis equipment. It does not include electrical

safety guidelines or other safety considerations outside the realm of 
radiation safety.

Much of this standard remains relevant and useful, however, technologies 
just emerging in 1991 and completely new technologies have come into 
common application in analytical x-ray machines and have proceeded 
without standards guidance. This standard needs to address these 
elements and consequential operational changes.

The subcommittee responsible for this standard is soliciting members to 
form the Writing Group (WG) to consider and prepare a revised standard. 
If you are interested in working on the revision of this standard, 
please send a letter of interest and a CV to:

Ted de Castro

Chair Ansi N43.2 WG

Email: tdc at xrayted.com <mailto:tdc at xrayted.com>

Submissions must be in a public domain or standard format – ie. PDF or 
RTF thank-you.

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