[ RadSafe ] Radiochemist Vacancy Announcement

Nielsen, Erik C. Nielsen.Erik at epa.gov
Thu Jul 11 12:12:54 CDT 2019

Subject: Chemist 1320/GS-13 Vacancy Announcement # RTP-OAR-OT-2019-0050
The National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory located in Montgomery, Alabama (OAR/ORIA/NAREL) has an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in a Chemist/1320-13 position. The announcement can be accessed by clicking on the link below. It closes on July 25, 2019.


Please share this announcement with anyone that you feel may be interested and meets the requirements.

I do not have any additional information and am not involved in the hiring process.

Erik C. Nielsen
Health Physicist
USEPA, National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory
540 South Morris Ave.
Montgomery, AL 36115
Phone 334-270-3475
Fax 334-270-3454

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