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offtopic: definition of "reviewuation"??

Dear all,

I beg your indulgence for this off topic inquiry but the US inhabitants of
this list may be my best source of info on this one.  Please respond off
line. I'll keep it brief:

On behalf of a colleague who is translating a document into Vietnamese:- 
What on earth does the word "reviewuation" mean? I can't find it in any web
based dictionaries. But a search engine shows up multiple hits for the word
on the web. From the context of these I take it to mean some kind of review
process perhaps periodic or annual. If this is correct, how does the meaning
of "reviewuation" differ from the meaning of "review"? Am I missing some
nuance implied in the term.

Our local press reports that a study of Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas
speeches since the mid 50's is soon to be published in Nature and shows that
"The Queens English" has changed over that period. - However I am sure that
the term "reviewuation" is a thoroughly "Independent" development.

Happy Christmas to all from down under.  

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