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Medical Health Physics Position

The US Army has a limited number of entry-level health physicist positions

open. The ideal candidate has a Masters degree in Health Physics, Nuclear

Engineering, Radiation Biology or a related field.  Strong candidates with

Bachelor degrees will also be considered.  


Commissioned Officers.  The successful candidates will be commissioned in

the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant or Captain based on education

level and experience.  The officers will be part of the Army Medical


Career opportunities.  Approximately 75% of the entry-level positions are in

Medical Health Physics at medium to large Army Medical hospitals.  As

officers advance positions are available in teaching, other aspects of

Health Physics and administration.  The vast majority of the entry-level

position are in the continental US; however, there are a few opportunities

for overseas positions. 

Educational opportunities.  The successful career officers may compete for

fully funded advanced degree programs.  Officers selected for these programs

have completed at least one 3 to 4 year tour and are paid their full salary

while attending civilian graduate school.  Officers selected for either

Masters or PhD programs incur additional time obligations. 


Salary ranges Starting ($33,500 - $56,000) Taxable salary is based on rank

and years in service, nontaxable salary is primarily based on location of

assignment.  A person with a BS degree, no experience in a Louisville,

Kentucky would start at $33,500.  A person with a PhD, no experience in

Honolulu Hawaii would start at $56,000. An senior officer with 26 years

experience in a Washington DC can expect a salary equivalent to $119,000. 

For additional technical information regarding the Health Physics positions,

please contact LTC Mark Bower, Chief, Health Physics, Madigan Army Medical

Center, at: (voice): 253-968-4300; (FAX) 253-968-4301 e-mail:


For assistance with applying, questions about eligibility, benefits, etc

please contact SFC Wayne Williams 

(480) 831-0166 e-mail Wayne.Williams@usarec.army.mil

LTC Mark W. Bower

Chief, Health Physics Office

Madigan Army Medical Center

253 968-4300

Fax 253 968-4300

email: Mark.Bower@nw.amedd.army.mil


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