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FW: U.S. Proposes End to Testing for Salmonella in School Beef --Nevermind

Yahoo!/Reuters <www.yahoo.com> is reporting today that the Bush Administration

has backed off its trial balloon on elimination of Salmonella testing of

school-lunch beef, while denying that it had ever been a serious administration


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Subject: U.S. Proposes End to Testing for Salmonella in School Beef

U.S. Proposes End to Testing for Salmonella in School Beef

By MARIAN BURROS, New York Times

Full story at http://www.nytimes.com/2001/04/05/education/05MEAT.html

The Bush administration has proposed dropping testing for salmonella in

ground beef for the federal school-lunch program and letting schools

serve beef that has been irradiated, a procedure that kills salmonella

and all other harmful bacteria but is mistrusted by many consumers. 

The salmonella tests, ordered last June by the Clinton administration,

were met with fierce opposition by the meat industry, which complained

that the tests were burdensome and not scientific. The industry has

since lobbied to scrap them. In those tests, packages of meat were

sampled randomly by the government for salmonella before shipment to




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