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Re: Radon epidemiology - Schneeberg Study

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Betreff: Re: Radon epidemiology - Schneeberg Study


>This is a very interesting web site, but I was not able to turn on the

>English version except for the "Introduction". My ancestry is very German,

>but I am a native-born American whose reading of German is limited.


>From the graph of the raw data it looks as if there is a protective effect

>below 500 Bq/m^3 since the relative risk is well below unity. What do your


I agree that this web site could be very interesting, but I - a native

Austrian with German as his mother tongue - could not download all I would

have liked to. The graph mentioned by Otto is extremely interesting, not to

say, sensational,  and it should be made accessible to the community of

radiation protection scientists.

On the other side, isn't it a pity that most important new findings might

not be distributed because of sub-optimal presentation?



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