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RE: Uranium in Tailings of today

While we are on the subject - does anyone know/have any theories why Th-228

activity could exceed Th-232 activity without some type of costly


Randy Redmond

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> 	What is the typical Uranium content in byproduct material at U-mills


> 	operating today?  I know there are several methods and several

> different 

> 	ages of facilities so please feel free to give me what you know for

> a 

> 	specific facility if need be.  Th-232 content would be interesting

> also.  I 

> 	have limited contacts at these facilities, so if you know of someone

> who 

> 	may help please give me the name and number. 




> This question could not have been more timely for me.  I am seeking 

> information on the average Th-232 and Ra-228 concentrations in thorium 

> tailings.  I'd be interested in hearing the uranium tailings numbers also

> for 

> isotopes found in those wastes.  All I really want are reasonable upper

> and 

> lower bounds. 


> Barbara L. Hamrick 

> blhamrick@aol.com


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