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Radiation Hazard or NOT ?

Dear Radsafers:

I have a question that I'm wondering if you can help me with. In the

process of haz. wasting a variety of old chemicals that have been stored

at our university for many years, we came across something that raised a

red flag. I'm trying to find out if there is any radiation hazard with

this. The item of concern is a metal container that holds a product know

as FP 2267. It was manufactured by the now famous U.S. Radium


of New Jersey. From scientific literature, I know that this product is

flourescent tracer particles composed primarily of zinc-cadmium sulfide.

It was used in a lot of atmosheric tracer studies circa the 1960's and

early 70's, many probably funded to study the dispersal of radioactive

material. Nevertheless, I don't know enough about the material to know

what causes the flourescence, nor do I know if I need to be concerned

about the "various elements added in small amounts as activators" (from


1965 reference). Any chance you know about this and whether there might


radiation involved?  Thank You



James P. Abraham

Alt. Radiation Safety Officer

Radiation Control Office - Environmental Health Serv.

Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO 80523-6021

Phone:  (970) 491-3928          Fax:    (970) 491-4804

email:  jimabe@lamar.colostate.edu

URL:	http://www.ehs.colostate.edu/radiation



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