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Re: NIMBY for Nevada residents

If a radiation stigma is attached to Las Vegas it will have been attached by the people of Nevada.  There is no evidence that a radiation stigma self-attaches.  If it did, it would already be attached to Las Vegas because of the weapons testing facility.  There are many places near nuclear facilities with no attached radiation stigma.
For example, the city of Port Clinton, Ohio is now a tourist town.  Swimming, boating and fishing in Lake Erie are the main attractions.  From the city beach and most of the tourist condominiums, one can see the cooling tower of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant.  The cooling tower is used as a landmark for fishing boats.  Davis-Besse has been operating since 1977 and has all its spent fuel stored above ground about 10 miles from Port Clinton.  The tourist industry has grown substantially there since 1977, even without the lure of gambling.  All of the condominiums and several motels have been built since then.  There has even been a new condominium abd marina complex built about one mile from the plant.
A similar situation exists at the Treasure Island casino, hotel and marina built about one mile from the Prairie Island dry cask spent fuel facility in Minnesota.
Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm are much closer to operating nuclear power plants and spent fuel then 90 miles.
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Subject: Re: NIMBY for Nevada residents

I think the real risk for southern Nevada is economic.  Anything to do with radiation or nuclear power has stigma attached to it.  Las Vegas is a purely tourist town, no agriculture, no manufacturing, nothing but tourism, and people can vacation anywhere.  If that radiation stigma becomes associated with Las Vegas, it could be truly ruinous for the local economy here.  And whichever political party is viewed as responsible to approving and starting Yucca Mtn should expect the people of Nevada to make the rest of the country aware of who did this to them.

Economic ruin is far from certain - it's all a matter of image and publicity.

Bob Flood
Las Vegas