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Neutron Detection and Claims for "Nuclear Fusion in a Jar"

		Let me give this another try since I may not have been clear

in my previous post.

		International news sources are giving quite a bit of

attention to claims by researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab. that they have

achieved nuclear fusion (Deuterium-Deuterium) by cavitation in deuterated

acetone. Others who attempted to replicate the experiment disagree due to a

claimed lack of neutrons detected from fusion.  The two groups used

different detection systems.  I have provided links to all the pertinent

arguments, below.  The last one is particularly important.

		The original paper can be found at:




		Other researchers at ORNL claim to have not been able to

replicate the claimed original results.  Their response paper (not

peer-reviewed) can be found at:

		http://www.ornl.gov.slsite <http://www.ornl.gov.slsite> 

		The original researchers then responded (not peer-reviewed)

to the rebuttal at:



		The crux of the disagreement/disparity seems to be in

different instruments/measurement techniques used to detect 2.5 MeV neutrons

from fusion.

		I would greatly value some discussion on the issue from

Radsafers who work in rad.-detection instrumentation in light of these





		Bates Estabrooks



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