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RE: [cdn-nucl-l] Credibility of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness


Dr. Howard Long writes (and I comment below):

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Subject: [cdn-nucl-l] Credibility of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

Nuclear Safety Scientists and HPs, (sorry for the expansive steam), 

I challenge this Dukelow slander of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

and AAPS because I hope some of you will join us. 

A cause of WTC collapse was asbestos fearmongering, detailed by Andy

Schafly to DDP July 27. Dukelow describes DDP as "a gathering of

conservative propagandists of various stripes". Oh? Were our speakers?

They were not only, 1, Jerry Cuttler, designer of safety systems for

CANDU 6, but also, 2, Henry Lamb, EVP of the Environmental Conservation

Org., 3&4, Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon of Harvard-Smithsonian

Astrophysical Observ., 5, Herbert Inhaber, formerly of Canada's Atomic

Energy Control Board, 6, Jay Lehr, editor of McGraw Hill env.science

handbook, 7 Jay Kerrigan, mathematician, 8, Ed Zebronsk, editor of

Advanced Nuclear Reactors, etc..  Lowell Wood of LLNL updated his year

2,000 presentation with Edward Teller.   

Will you call any of these scientists, "propagandists", to their faces,

James Dukelow? 

Come to our next meeting! 

I am proud to serve as one of 8 DDP directors. We include 3 radiologists

and Executive Director Jane Orient MD, former physics prof and Exec Dir

of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Dukelow writes,

"blathering of a lawyer [Schafly] for a conservative association of

doctors (not the AMA - too liberal for the AAPS)."   

Our AAPS is currently sueing the government (with the ACLU) to preserve

patient privacy. Does "liberal" now mean, "Clinton-Mussolini Plan

collaboration", like AMA? AAPS puts patients first, as AMA once did.

AAPS promotes "Patient Power".from Dallas NCPA and the libertarian CATO


I, too, trust few lawyers to be honest. Schafly has been unfailingly

accurate in scientific matters where I had independent knowledge. I give

MORE weight to Schafly's review than the opinion of "qualified engineers

and architects"  on the payroll of parties at interest. 

Howard Long MD MPH, (10 year attendee at yearly meetings of AAPS and



Dr. Long doth protest too much methinks (pace Shakespeare).

I didn't mention the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness and characterized

AAPS only as "a conservative association of doctors (not the AMA -- too

liberal for the AAPS) speaking at a gathering of conservative propagandists

of various stripes".  That's the sum total of what I had to say about DDP

and AAPS.  I'll say a bit more.  DDP damages its own credibility by hosting

such one-sided meetings.  I would be quite willing to characterize -- to

their faces -- Sallie Baliunas, Willie Soon, Arthur Robinson, Andrew

Schlafly, Jay Lehr, Howard Hayden, Henry Cooper, and Lowell Wood as

"conservative propagandists", especially Cooper and Wood, whose advocacy of

SDI/StarWars has contributed to the waste of billions of defense dollars on

an infeasible solution to the wrong problem.  The attack on the WTC and the

Pentagon demonstrated exactly how well SDI can defend us against attack.

Steve Milloy, a biologist/biostatistician/lawyer, Andrew Schlafly, a lawyer

whose other background I have been unable to ascertain, and Dr. Long, a

medical doctor and MPH are all certain that "A cause of WTC collapse was

asbestos fearmongering".  Dr. Long "give[s]MORE weight to Schafly's review

than the opinion of "qualified engineers and architects"  on the payroll of

parties at interest".  Perhaps there's a bit of slander [sic] there directed

toward the dozens of engineers and architects that responded to the request

to serve on the official inquiry into the events following the attack.  I

find the official inquiry balanced, with careful description of what is

known and what is not known, what might be known with further study [I note

that the Bush Adminstration has just authorized that further study], and

what can never be known.  On the other side are Milloy and Schlafly, who are

pursuing ideological agenda and who have written virtually nothing correct

about the collapse of the WTC towers.  Dr. Long's problem seems to be

overwhelming credulity and lack of scepticism.

Bottom line -- my judgment, no proof implied or feasible.  Asbestos spray-on

insulation would have failed to protect the WTC towers in exactly the same

fashion and to the same degree that the non-asbestos spray-on insulation did

[read the official inquiry report].  For an event like 9/11 there are much

better, but more expensive, insulation alternatives.  A handful of people in

WTC 2 escaped past the impact zone in the early minutes after the impact.

Nobody in WTC 1 did.  The aircraft impacts complete disrupted the emergency

escape routes.  With the exception of that handful, nobody on the floors

above the impacts survived.  The impacts rendered ineffective all of the

fire protection systems, including the structural steel insulation.  There

are some interesting issues with respect to roof rescue, which was not

possible in the event because of long-standing jurisdictional disputes

between NYPC and NYFD.  The way to keep high rises safe is to keep jet

liners out of the middle of them.  Happily, that is the approach the

Adminstration has taken; let's pray it is successful.

Best regards.

Jim Dukelow

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Richland, WA


These comments are mine and have not been reviewed and/or approved by my

management or by the U.S. Department of Energy.


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