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RE: Liquid Scintillation

I'm not at all sure what use these  standards are that you get with these

instruments.  The engineer uses them to do the commissioning checks when the

instrument is installed, and you can use them as check sources to do regular

instrument performance checks.  BUT if you use them as efficiency standards,

you could have some big errors.  

The best thing is to buy some certified reference solutions and make your

own efficiency standards.

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Our office will be procuring a liquid scintillation counter in the very

near future. I am looking for a source to buy some liquid standards.

Most companies I've seen when browsing the web only advertise H-3 and

C-14 standards for their units. But, we also will need counting

capability for several other isotopes, both beta and alpha emitters.

Does anyone have a US-based commercial source for standards other than

H-3 and C-14? I'm new at scintillation counting, so any advice is

appreciated. Please reply to my email address. Thanks.

-Russ Johnson, Rad Safety Specialist

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  New Mexico State University

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