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Re: Mobile phones etc

>I do not understand how a 'benign' tumour (according to the reference) can 

>be classed as a cancer.

Ask MicroWave News. Here is one follow up article in English BTW:


The massmedial fallout in Sweden could have been worse. We had a political 

scandal ("entertainment") that came out about the same time as the mobile 

phone press conference (totally off-topic - nothing about radiation) so much 

of the media jumped into that besides other competing news (soccer game 


As you can see the mobile phone thing comes far down:


(the question is "Are you afraid of radiation from mobile phones?", 53.1 % 

vote yes" at this moment - it seems like the mobile phone scare is 

decreasing somewhat as compared to 2-3 years ago)

My personal action and reflections only,

Bjorn Cedervall   bcradsafers@hotmail.com


 > FYI:

 > http://www.microwavenews.com/headlines.html#Ahlbomneuroma


 > This version is probably not in harmony with the version of the original 


 > More info. can be expected later today.



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