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Re: UN marking guidance

At 10:17 AM 10/15/2004, Dave Oshlo wrote:

>Hello Radsafers

>Looking for guidance on the dimension specifications for a UN marking on a 

>package, i.e. UN2910.

>Have found the IAEA placard specification for UN XXXX, but cannot seem to 

>find the exact letter height, width, etc. for a marking.

I guess the latest US reg might be a guide:

Sec.  172.315  Packages containing limited quantities.

     Except as otherwise provided in this subchapter, a package containing 

a limited quantity of hazardous materials is not required to be marked with 

the proper shipping name provided it is marked with the identification (ID) 

number, preceded by the letters ``UN'' or ``NA,'' as applicable, for the 

entry as shown in the Sec.  172.101 Table, and placed within a 

square-on-point border in accordance with the following:

     (a) The ID number marking must be durable, legible and of such a size 

relative to the package as to be readily visible. The width of line forming 

the square-on-point must be at least 2 mm and the height of the ID number 

must be at least 6 mm. The marking must be applied on at least one side or 

one end of the outer packaging.

     (b) When two or more hazardous materials with different ID numbers are 

contained in the package, the packaging must be marked with either 

individual square-on-points bearing a single ID number, or a single 

square-on-point large enough to include each applicable ID number.

AFAIK, the requirement for a "Diamond" is not yet in force.



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