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RE: DOT Training

There is a list of training sources located at:

http://hazmat.dot.gov/thirdpty.htm <http://hazmat.dot.gov/thirdpty.htm> 


US DOT's Transportation Safety Institute also teaches these types of courses:

http://hazmat.dot.gov/pubtrain/hmstrain.htm <http://hazmat.dot.gov/pubtrain/hmstrain.htm> 

http://www.tsi.dot.gov/divisions/hazmat/hazmat.htm <http://www.tsi.dot.gov/divisions/hazmat/hazmat.htm> 


(I was able to get to the website this AM)



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Howdy all! 

I'm looking for DOT compliance training for haz mat/rad mat shippers. The last one I took was with Waste Management Technical Services, but I can't locate them these days. DOE had classes at one time too.

Can anyone point me in a direction for obtaining such training? 

Much obliged, pardner! (Sorry, watched "Hidalgo" last night. ;^)   ) 

Donald P. Mercado 

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