[ RadSafe ] Overcoming America's nuclear power phobia

Marcel Schouwenburg M.Schouwenburg at TNW.TUDelft.NL
Thu May 12 08:57:45 CEST 2005

Posted on behalf of Y.C. Luan

If the international radiation scientists and communiies would like to  
prove the chronic radaition experienced in Taiwan (with dose-rate <1 
mSv/hr) and
tell the world that the chronic radaition received by people  is always 
beneficial to them, there will be no nuclear power phobia to nuclear 
workers and pulbic.
If they know that health effcts of chronic radiation could reduce their 
cancer mortality as I described in the 1999 ANS annual meeting in 
Boston, they  would
eagerly to recieve  more chronic radaition from the nuclear power plants 
and associated  radioactive wastes. But I am terrible sorry that many 
policician for
the some kind election are just in sitting on ground in front of the 
Legislative yuan(similar to US senate ) for demonstration and creating 
the phobia of
nuclear power plants to the population in Taiwan. and this is why  I am 
so old but still want to go to the international conferences in USA and 
Canada, for
presentation of what I kown about the beneficial effects of chronic 
radation. Once when the experience of radiation in Taiwan could be 
internationally accipted.
The nuclear power phobia produed by the politicioan in Taiwan might be 
forgetten, and Taiwan might give up its  non-nuclear land policy and 
turn to be like
a country of Japan to develope its own energy sources.

Y.C.  Luan

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