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        May 9, 2005


The Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation
Standards (ISCORS) in a Federal Register Notice (70
FRN 22729) announced the availability of two of its
final reports.

“Recommendations on Management of Radioactive
Materials in Sewage Sludge and Ash at Publicly Owned
Treatment Works (POTWs)” (Recommendations Report) that
is posted on the ISCORS website: 
http://www.iscors.org/library.htm has three major

(1) to alert POTW operators to the possibility of
radioactive materials concentrating in sewage sludge
and incinerator ash; 

(2) to inform POTW operators how to determine if,
indeed, there are elevated levels of radioactivity in
their sludge and ash; and 

(3) to assist POTW operators in identifying actions
for reducing potential radiation exposure from sludge
and ash.  State Radiation Control Programs are a
principal consultation point of contact for the POTWs.

The Recommendations report is the last report of three
that have been prepared to address this issue.  The
first report, issued in 2003, “ISCORS Assessment of
Radioactivity in Sewage Sludge:  Radiological Survey
Results and Analysis” (Survey Report), summarizes the
information on radioactivity found in samples of
sewage sludge and ash from 313 publicly owned
treatment works (POTWs).  

The second final report, “ISCORS Assessment of
Radioactivity in Sewage Sludge:  Modeling to Assess
Radiation Doses” (Dose Modeling Report) assesses the
potential levels of radiation doses to people by
modeling the transport of radioactivity from sludge
into the local environment.  The report also provides
a complete description and justification of the dose
assessment methodology.  Responses to peer review
comments, including those from Colorado, Pennsylvania
and Washington, and others, including Illinois and New
Jersey, are in Appendix F.  

All three reports are available on the ISCORS website:
. . .

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