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Jaro jaro-10kbq at sympatico.ca
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For once I agree with you Franz -- this Alazan hysteria was concocted by
Any amateur rocket club, or even individual person, can construct such a
small rocket, with similar performance.
Heck, even a plain old helium balloon could achieve the same thing (or small
private plane, model airplane, helicopter, or whatever.....  geeez -- if
anyone wants to spend US$500,000 on a model airplane, I'll even sell you one
! ....which is not intended to imply that I actually own one at the moment


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Thank you for your answer and the photos. What I see (besides the papers
which I cannot read, because I do not know Russian) is just a simple
„rocket“, which I believe any skilled mechanican can construct, whether in
the USA, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Austria, Botswana, Australia 

and could
be loaded with certain radionuclides for RDD. To my knowledge no such
rockets are anymore used for preventing hailstorms, but the silver-iodide is
nowadays emitted by small aircraft, because they are much more effective to
distribute the AgI over larger areas. That any such rocket can be loaded
with radionuclides – what is surprising about it? One can load it with
bacteria. That’s a fact. Everybody, not only states are vulnerable. Why
should one be afraid of it? There are more than enough natural disasters
claiming their toll – should people be afraid of it?

This was somehow referring to RADSAFE issues, but most of your postings do
not. Perhaps you could refrain from posting them to RADSAFE and find another
discussion group?


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