[ RadSafe ] RE: Dr. Helen Caldicott on Bush's Nuclear Danger - free access to great intervie

Jim Hoerner jim_hoerner at hotmail.com
Wed May 18 03:02:26 CEST 2005


The quotes that follow are not necessarily exact quotes, but pretty close.  
Listen to the full hour at the link above if you want the exact ones.

"Psycho sexual dynamics...  Missile erection, lying down, deep penetration."

Please, Helen, you should be embarrased of yourself, you horny thing you.

"Weapons designers are in their lower thirtys, have Aspergers or Autism, eat 
ice cream and drink coke all day, and have relationships with their computer 

"If people look at their flesh after a hydrogen bomb, their eyes will melt 
and drip down their cheeks."

"America almost launched all of its nuclear weapons on 9-11."

Okay, this "quote" is followed by a great point about wasting so much money 
on weapons while people can't get health care and Bush is thinking of 
reducing Social Security benefits.

"Nuclear power plants are cancer factories."

No.  Nuclear power plants reduce cancer.  You are wrong.

"A little plane flying into a SFP roof would rupture the pool and result in 
a zironcium fire and millions would die with their hair falling out, going 

"I don't even care about money.  I care about people.  I'm a doctor."

"Incidence of childhood cancer in Iraq has gone up seven times."

"All weapons and nuclear reactors must be irradicated in the next five 

That would kill at least a million people, in my estimation.

"You can't taste the radiation that's in the fish."

I wonder what the mercury from the alternatives tastes like.  Not really; I 
eat plenty of it.

"They don't release the radiation level of the ground where the cows graze 
near Three Mile Island for Hershey's Chocolates."

Junk food is surely deadly, but it ain't the radiation.

Callers wanted to hear about alternatives.  Helen was cut off.  Another 
guest, Mark Elsis (I think), said there's more than enough solar power and 
wind power.  He also mentioned hydrogen fuel cells as a natural form of 
energy.  The host mentioned that yesterday a teenager invented a car that 
runs on water.


Hold the door for the stranger behind you. When the driver in the adjacent 
lane signals to get over, slow down. Smile and say "hi" to the folks you 
pass on the sidewalk. Give blood. Volunteer.

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