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Re: Right-to-Know Training

Sorry.  I pulled the trigger too soon.  My question is to Mike
   Aside from the general duty clause, do you know of a specific
right-to-know rule appropriate to non-ionizing radiation?
   And secondly, do you intend to limit training to thermal effects?
I would certainly agree with a need for lock-out/tag-out procedures
for the near field of a high wattage transmitting antenna, but
why not just that, rather than more training on a subject--at
least the athermal stuff-- that is still very much up in the 
air...?... pun intended, but I agree with Hector and others who
have stated that we should conserve our safety resources for the
serious--and proven--threats.
Happy holidays.... ~jess
Jess McKenzie, PhD  NBC Safety Officer  Weber State U  Ogden, UT