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Gamma Doserate Modeling -Reply

ISOSHIELD II made be of help, but it also may give "weird" answers. 
Remember GIGO (garbage in, garbage out).


>>> <phf@cap.urenco.co.uk> 07/02/96 07:11am >>>
To All

I have to model an array of 220L drums  containing Uranium the array is
110 m long by  75 m wide by 3 m high. I tried to do this  using Microshield
assuming the array formed  one large rectangular unit. This gave strange
 answers that I do not believe. Can you please  reply to me if you have
any experience using  other models ( I have read that Oak Ridge have 
used a Monte Carlo code in the past ) that I  can obtain easily or if you
have any thoughts,  ideas or previous experiences that you would  think
useful. Please reply to  phf@cap.urenco.co.uk or to all if you think it  will
be of interest.

Thank You

Paul Fazey

Urenco Capenhurst Limited
Nr Chester

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