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Re: Possible Positions

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Third times a charm. Fax resumes to 201-664-6921. The other info in the
previous post is correct.


Joel Antkowiak

Date: 7/2/96 3:43 PM
To: Joel Antkowiak
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Steve Hand wrote, in part, as a reply to my post:

>I am a little bothered by one statement in the discussion where Frank says
"However, >they will not lead to stochastic effects,"

I neglected the slight possibilty of skin cancer developing on the small
areas of exposed skin on the face, neck, hands and fingers that might be
irradiated by P-32 betas.  However, the probability should be very small
when compared to the probability of leukemia and solid tumors developing
from the irradiation of the bone marrow and the other internal organs and
tissues by penetrating gamma and neutron radiation, which are seldom
encountered in biological sciences and medical sciences laboratories.

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Note new zip code for UCI as of 7/1/96

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