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Re: Research/Open space Labs


I am very interested in any response you get on this.  It is becoming a 
hot topic here, too.

					Jen Wilson

Disclaimer:  All comments and ideas are my own and should not be 
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On Tue, 16 Jul 1996, Cathy Knox wrote:

> I need to hear problems and hopefully solutions to compliance /
> accountability issues where isotope users are mixed in with non-users in
> large open lab spaces.
> We have a Broadscope License, and we are a NON-agreement state. I have
> experimental ideas about sub-permitting these areas; where a main licence
> would kick in to cover accountability problems...any experience out there on
> that account???
> I'm not sure how hot this topic would be on RADSAFE, but it sure is hot here
> on campus! So...you decide if your response goes to me or radsafe...Thanks a
> bundle...
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