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Re: Antacid Adventure

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> Subject:        Antacid Adventure

> Dear Radsafers -
> Can anyone help identify any popular brands of antacids which contain
> aluminum hydroxide? The May 1996 issue of the Health Physics Journal features
> an interesting article by Brian Rees titled "P-32 And Beta Emitting
> Radionuclides In Microbiology And Cell Biology" which states among other
> things that antacids containing aluminum hydroxide can be administered to
> reduce intestinal uptake of P-32.
> My search of local drug stores found plenty of brands which contain magnesium
> hydroxide, but none with aluminum hydroxide. Can the magnesium hydroxide
> versions serve as effective substitutes?
> Hoping this post causes no 'heartburn". Any input will be welcome. Thanks in
> advance.
> Steve Frey, CHP
> Stevenfrey@aol.com
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    the following antacids contain aluminum hydroxide
    > Amphojel (Wyeth-Ayerst) is only Aluminum hydroxide
    Gelusil is a combination of aluminum and magnesium hydroxides,  as is 
    also Mylanta and Digel.
    paul skierkowski
    RSO, Univ. of Oklahoma
    (and still a registered pharmacist)

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