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Re: Antacids and P-32

     this is bullshit

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Subject: Antacids and P-32
Author:  radsafe@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu at Internet
Date:    7/24/96 9:36 AM

Mozley wrote:
"Aluminum hydroxide is constipating.  Magnesium is a common physic.  For 
this reason, many antacids contain a balance of the two.  If you give 
aluminum hydroxide to complex with the P-32, all other things being equal, 
then you are going to increase the radiation absorbed dose to the bowel 
wall.  You would probably be better off giving magnesium only to reduce the 
residence time.  This, in fact, is closer to the actual clinical practice.
In synopsis, giving aluminum hydroxide sounds like another great idea 
killed by the facts."
I'm not a medical expert, and do not fully understand the processes 
involved, and therefore obtained the guidance on administering antacids 
containing aluminum hydroxide from NCRP 65; "Management of persons 
accidentally contaminated with radionuclides".  I figured they knew what 
they were talking about.  
I wasn't comfortable listing the contents of antacids by brand in my 
article, but will do a little light reading in the PDR, and post some info 
soon (I hope w/in a week or so)
Brian Rees
Los Alamos National Lab