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Re: Biodegradeable Liquid Scintillation Cocktails

At the University of Waterloo we incourage there use. 
Used vials scintilation vials and all come to our Hasardous Materials
Handling Facility for treatment as chemical waste.
This keeps the sewer people happy.( the sewer outfall is above our water
It also makes less work for researchers. (no opening vials and dumping fluid)

At 09:16 AM 3/6/97 -0600, you wrote:
>The use of Biodegradeable Liquid scintillation cocktails is increasing due
>to the fact that they are safer both for the user and the environment.
>According to the vendors, the main features that are noteworthy are:
>1)improved laboratory safety due to low toxicity and high flashpoint
>2)approved disposal through the sanitary sewer system, or by incineration.
>I would like to hear the thoughts and comments of RADSAFERS on this subject.
>1. Do you encourage the use of biodegradeable cocktails at your institution?
>2. If so, why, and what brands of cocktails do you recommend to your users?
>3. Do you permit the sink disposal of biodegradeable cocktails to the
>regional sewer system?
>4. If so, did you need the approval of your regional sewer sytem, and what
>documentation was provided to them?
>5. Do you set criteria for users to dispose of these cocktails?
>6. Other than dilution of the radioactivity itself to meet sewer limits,
>do you set dilution limits for the chemical?
>7. One of our researchers was concerned about the concentration of
>napthalene in one of the cocktails, especially with regard to affecting fish.
>Should this be a concern?
>The vendor claims that toxicity studies have been performed on fish and
>other microorganisms.
>You can reply directly to me and I will try and summarise the results at
>the end and post to RADSAFE.
>As always, thank you for your input, and for taking the time to reply.
>Ninni Jacob
>Radiation Safety Officer
>University of Rhode Island/
>Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center
>16 Reactor Road
>Narragansett,RI 02882
>Phone: (401) 789-9391
>Fax:   (401) 782-4201
>email: njacob@gsosun1.gso.uri.edu
Thanks in advance.

Ian Fraser
Safety Office
University of Waterloo
200 University Ave. W.
Waterloo, ON
Canada, N2L 3G1
Phone (519) 888-4567 Ext 6268
Fax (519) 7446-5023