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Microwaves for You (SMTP Id#: 510) - Reply

I seem to recall from my chemistry that part of the radiant energy from burning
wood is in the microwave range.  It was explained as a "by the way, this is part
of the reason you get a sudden decrease in temperature when you put a metal
mesh fire screen between you and the fire."  Evidently the  wavelength is close
to the infrared end of the microwave spectral region.  As to what you are trying to
do with central heating, you are trying to decrease the heat loss from your 37
degree body to the surroundings.  If your skin layer is warmed by an external
makeup source you will loose less heat from your internal core, and feel
warmer.  Radiant energy heaters work without heating the air much.  I can see a
microwave source that imitates a wood fire emmision as being much more
efficient than heating all the air in my living room.  After it is used on animals for a
few years I could see this being offered for home use.

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