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Re: Error Condition Re: infrared

That's interesting.  I had not heard that.  I have seen (in person)
demonstrations (of material that the Miracle Thaw is supposed to be made of)
which showed ice melting quite a bit faster on this plate (made of the
ceramic material) than on a conventional plate.  You could then touch the
plate and feel that the temperature of the plate with the melted ice cube
was significantly lower than that of the conventional plate where the ice
cube was still melting.

Honestly, this is the extent of what I know about the Miracle Thaw and the like.

At 12:20 PM 3/10/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Re: Miracle Thaw
>I remember seeing those being advertised....I also remember a news 
>magazine (20/20 or one of those) doing an impromtu study and finding 
>that the "Miracle Thaw" didn't thaw things any faster than leaving 
>them on the counter......Of course, that brought up the whole 
>discussion of the risks of leaving meat, etc, to defrost outside of 
>the refrigerator.... but that's another issue!
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