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Re: RERe: Transportation of Wipes for Removable Contamination

Arminc01@aol.com wrote:
> Unfortunately radioactive materials are regulated by roughly 37 different
> federal agencies,  each for their own purposes.
> DOT (T stands for TRANSPORTATION) regulates hazardous materials (includes
> radioactve material in excess of 70 Bq/gram) in TRANSPORT.
> The NRC and/or Agreement State regulates the use of radioactive materials
> (some NRC documents state that any detectable activity is radioactive
> material for DISPOSAL  purposes) including disposal and possession limits.


You mentioned 2 of the approximately 37 federal agencies which regulate
radioactive material.
I am curious, what are the other 35?

Regards, Wes
Wesley R. Van Pelt, Ph.D., CIH, CHP                KF2LG
President, Van Pelt Associates, Inc.     
Consulting in radiological health and safety.