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Re: NJ incident

Mike McNaughton wrote:
> The following comments by Wade (#s 2,3,5,7,8) emphasize using unfitted
> data. However, comment #9 implies a fit, just not the usual LNT fit. I
> agree with the sentiment, but we must have a fit we all agree to. A
> cacophony of raw data is like science by anecdote, with each of us
> emphasizing our own favorite example.
> >2.  Refutation is unnecessary. "Fitting" to a model is unnecessary. An
> >informed public can judge for themselves.
> >
> >3.  The key to an informed public, and an informed legislative, judicial
> >and executive government is knowledge of the actual unfitted
> >experimental observations.
> >
> >5.  Honesty and ethics demand that a clear description be given of
> >actual observations without "fitting."
> >
> >7.  It is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of cognizance of
> >actual (unfitted) human response to radiation.
> >
> >8.  The present perceptions of the public, of professionals, and of
> >officials are a direct result of being unaware of actual observations of
> >human response to radiation. The present perceptions are a result of
> >seeing the "fitted" data rather than actual data.
> >
> >9.  A non-biased description of actual observations is that at first the
> >incidence of human cancer decreases with increasing exposure to
> >radiation, then reaches a minimum, and finally begins to rise.
> "Shlala gashle" (Zulu greeting, meaning "Stay safe")
> mike (mcnaught@LANL.GOV)

Mike and others:

Read item 9 again, carefully.

I hope you can see that there is no fitting implied.

To sum up, I believe that the public will have no trouble at all sorting
through a "cacaphony" of data.

Now the public is being spoon fed theories.

What's wrong with providing the public, and our officials, data and
observations, without any personal opinions (theories).

Put another way, if the public wer given the diameter and circumference
of a sufficent number of circles they could figure out the relation
between the two with no difficulty.

Best wishes,



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