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Re[2]: Submariner Doses

 As a former Submariner, not only did we prevent the introduction of 
 Radon to our environment, but, I can assure you that water makes a 
 great shield!
 Steve Gunnink
 This is my lone opinion, I mean it's my opinion alone, I mean nobody 
 knows my opinion, I mean my opinion is alone, I mean -- you know what 
 I mean!

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Subject: Re: Submariner Doses
Author:  george.j.vargo@ccmail.pnl.gov (George J Vargo) at -MailLink
Date:    9/18/97 2:25 PM

     I recall a student paper given at an HPS meeting several years ago (I 
     believe the author was Suzanne Levine) that compared occupational 
     doses to NPP workers, medical rad. workers, and members of the public. 
     While I don't remember all of the details, I was struck by the fact 
     that the submainers received less dose than members of the public 
     because they weren't exposed to radon progeny in the submarine 
     George J. Vargo, Ph.D., CHP
     International Nuclear Safety Program 
     Pacific Northwest National laboratory 
     509-375-2019 (fax)
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