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Re: Study: Even Low-Dose Radiation is Dangerous

At 22:07 08.10.97 -0500, you wrote:

>Most scientists now believe radiation below the
>internationally-accepted level of one millisievert per year can damage
>DNA in a new way that could harm the gene pool, wreck future
>generations and kill, the New Scientist said. 
>"It's a horrifying concept. But we now have early indications that it
>may be happening," Eric Wright of Britain's Medical Research Council
>(MRC) told the magazine. 

Does that mean that we all have to be irradiated to exposures far beyond
the 1 mSv/y to avoid the dangerous "low-level radiation"  which would harm
the gene pool, wreck future generations and kill????? To avoid Alzheimer
and Parkinsons disease?

The discussion has gone beyond any acceptable reasoning.

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