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Re: Attention Veterans

This sounds a lot like an urban legend or hoax.  OTOH, the catfights
between Clinton & Congress have resulted in some pretty wierd stuff lately.
Guess I'd better call the VA (but I think I'll try to get confirmation
from ARPERCEN first).


>My apologies for sending an off-topic message, but it's vital that as many
>veterans as possible see this.  If you are a veteran of the U.S. Armed
>please read below.  If you don't act, you may lose your medical benefits.
>The opinions expressed are strictly mine.
>Bill Lipton
>If you are a veteran, know somebody who is, or have a family member who is,
>this news may be of some interest to you or them.
>The President of the U.S. has recently signed into law a bill that affects
>veterans.  This law states in effect that if a veteran has not registered at
>Veterans Affairs Hospital since October 1, 1996, then on October 1, 1998, he
>or she will lose all medical benefits for life.
>To make it worse, the V.A. cannot notify veterans about it.  The information
>must be disseminated via word of mouth or by letter.
>The V.A. recommends that everyone eligible for benefits come by their
>and sign up prior to the October 1 deadline, regardless of whether they have
>received treatment at a V.A. hospital since 10/01/96.  This will ensure
>slips through the cracks.
>You will need to bring your DD-214 to your V.A. medical center or clinic.
>This will maintain your veterans benefits, it will only take about 5 minutes
>to complete the forms.  If you cannot locate your DD-214, go to the local
>office and they can help you obtain a copy.
>You can register at either of the offices below between the hours of 8 am
>4 pm.
>V.A. Outpatient Clinic
>3333 Glendale Ave. East of Byrne
>Toledo, Ohio
>(419) 259-2000
>V.A. Medical Center
>2215 Fuller
>Ann Arbor, Michigan
>(734) 769-7100
>This message was passed along by the Monroe City Education Association in a
>newsletter named THE COMMUNICATOR.

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