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RE: High Intensity Light Question

Tad -

<cd/cm^2> is a unit of luminance (formerly, photometric brightness) and
is a property of a ray [realistically, the average of a bundle of rays].
 It is the differential luminous flux per unit projected area in the
direction of the ray and per unit solid.  Thus this unit is its most
basic form is lumens per cm^2 and per steradian.

<footcandles> is a unit of illuminance, i.e., areal flux density.  The
unit for <footcandles>  is lumens per square foot (incident on an area).

These units are not commensurate, and you cannot convert from one to the
other.  I suspect that you have mixed up units in some manner or other.
If you had adequate information about the geometry of incoming luminance
at a point, you could then calculate the resultant illuminance at that

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>Hi Radsafers,
>About 5 years ago I had to figure out how to convert candela/cm^2 to
>footcandles.  I lost my reference data but seem to remember that 
>one candela/cm^2 approximated 500 footcandles.  
>Does anyone have the formula for this conversion?
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