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Teacher's Health Physics Programs

I had the pleasure to meet a 7th grade biology teacher on a recent flight from Seattle to Austin.  She was continuing on to Birmingham, Alabama where she teaches biology and physical sciences in a middle school.  Her enthusiasm, even after 32 years of teaching, was wonderful.  All she could talk about was her students.  We need more teachers like her in our school systems.

The problem is that she is antinuclear.  After talking about the nuclear power, radiation therapy, carbon dating techniques, etc., she was interested in knowing more about atomic and nuclear sciences.  I told her that the HPS and some of the local chapters offered teacher workshops and other assistance.  Is there a southeastern US section, or an Alabama section, of the HPS that con contact her and follow up on her request for more information?

Her name and address is:  Mrs. Jan Arnett, Moody Middle School, 1010 H.L. Blocker Circle, Moody, Alabama.

I appreciate your help.