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Ramasari vs. Ramsar -Reply -Reply

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>>> MICHAEL S FORD <MFORD@pantex.com> 04/06/98 06:53pm >>>

Aside from the article in Nucleonika by Jaworowski (former
Chairman of UNSCEAR), there is also a report on beneficial
radiation published by UNSCEAR (28) that looks at over 1000
publications in its analysis.  Human populations are included.

The article by Jaworowski is excellent and well referenced.  I'd be
happy to fax it to you if you'll provide me your number.

Michael S. Ford, CHP
Texas Radiation Advisory Board
Radiation Safety Department
Battelle Pantex
Amarillo, TX
806.477.5727 phone
806.477.4198 fax
  Would it be possible for you to E-mail or fax me a copy as well?  It would be
greatly appreciated.