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Rocketdyne Employment Opportunity


There is an open position available in the Radiation Safety Group at
Rocketdyne. Please pass along to your colleagues.

Radiation Safety Engineer.  (Member of Technical Staff IV/V)

B.S. in health physics, nuclear engineering or an equivalent field
with at least 8 years of relevant experience.  The candidate will be a
member of the Radiation Safety team of Rocketdyne's Safety, Health &
Environmental Affairs department.  The candidate should have
experience in environmental radiation protection, including
coordination and reporting of environmental radiological monitoring
data, preparation and implementation of radiological surveys for
facility/site characterization and final release, radwaste
characterization and radiological NESHAPS analysis.  The candidate
should be familiar with DOE Order 5400.5, 10CFR834, and the DOE, NRC
and EPA guides for final radiological release surveys.  Field
experience at DOE facilities or commercial nuclear utilities is
preferable.   Good communication skills (written and verbal) and good
computer skills are required.  The candidate will be expected to
interact with management, the DOE customer, regulatory agencies,
participate in public outreach activities and support litigation
activities.  A radiation worker medical exam is required.

The candidate's assignments will focus on the radiological monitoring
and facility cleanup operations at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory
of Rocketdyne Propulsion & Power.  Rocketdyne is a business segment of
Boeing Space Transportation Systems.

Resumes may be mailed or e-mailed to Phil Rutherford at the address

Please specify Requisition No. 0550-000-054217 when applying.

Phil Rutherford, Manager
Radiation Safety
Rocketdyne Propulsion & Power
Boeing Space Transportation Systems
6633 Canoga Ave. (M/S T487)
P. O. Box 7922
Canoga Park, CA 91309-7922

Tel:	 (818) 586-6140
Fax:	 (818) 586-2190
E-mail:	philip.d.rutherford@boeing.com