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NM Diagnostic Dose Policy - Universal Precautions

Our Radiation Safety Committee has decided to implement a policy of 
utilizing standard Universal Precautions as the basic protective method for 
our nursing staff following administration of a diagnostic dose in a medical 
surgical health care setting.  
Those of you involved with medical institutions, how do you manage the post 
administration problems of vomiting, defecation, etc. when the fresh patient 
does not quite make it into the toilet. (not a pretty sight but very real)  
We have had some minor incidents before the first half life decay of a 
Tc-99m dose and are wondering what the rest of the world has in their 
nursing policy and procedures manuals that your could share with us down 
Remember, these are Nuclear Medicine diagnostic, not Radiation Oncology 
therapy patient dose levels.
Snail mail a copy in confidence or please e-mail reply.
Thank you in advance,

Mark Steinbuchel, CHCM
Alternate Radiation Safety Officer
Huntsville Hospital System
Radiation Oncology Department
Blackwell Medical Tower Building
101 Sivley Road
Huntsville, Alabama  35801-4470