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Re[2]: CHP certification software

     Mr. O'Dou e-mail address was listed with one of his professional 
     opinions on radsafe the other day. tom_dixie@msn.com. 
     This is NOT the same e-mail address that is in the 

        Mr. O'Dou has a computer self applied study program for part one that my
immediate supervisor used to assist him in his collection of references in 
studying for part one for the last exam given (he passed).

These statements do not endorse any said products, only state the known facts 
and are made without the knowledge or consent of my employer.

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Subject: Re: CHP certification software 
Author:  <radsafe@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu> at tmdeccsmtp
Date:    4/9/98 1:03 PM

Try contacting Tom O'Dou.  He has posted here in the recent past.  I used 
his software to help study for Part 1 and it was most useful.
The opinions expressed above are well-reasoned and insightful.  Needless to 
say, they are not those of my employer. (with apologies to Michael Feldman)     
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