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RE: grad school determination

Sorry everyone, my message was not meant to go to RADSAFE, it was meant only for Mary.


From: 	Nolan Hertel[SMTP:nolan.hertel@me.gatech.edu]
Sent: 	Tuesday, April 14, 1998 10:38 AM
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Subject: 	RE: grad school determination

This seems like a veiled advertisement to me.
>Thanks for responding to my email message.  I actually attending Oregon =
>State as a freshman in their nuclear engineering department.  I loved my =
>experience there.  I wasn't terribly impressed with their math =
>department, however, and my first view of calculus scared me out of =
>nuclear engineering.  I transferred as a sophomore for financial reasons =
>to Salt Lake Community College, where I took calculus, physics, =
>anatomy/physiology, etc.  I remember health physics, but the cost of =
>returning to OSU rendered it a non-option.  I then moved to Idaho State =
>where I am now.  Oregon State was an option up unitl recently for =
>graduate school, but I have been offered a DOE AHP Fellowship to remain =
>at ISU for my master's degree.  I'll probably do it for several reasons: =
> 1) The program classes for waste management and decommissioning are =
>more plentiful in ISU's engineering department than in most places (the =
>health physics program is in the physics department, and the engineering =
>department has a nuclear and environmental emphasis option -- separate =
>programs completely---very unusual), 2) Financially more attractive, 3) =
>Relocation for school won't be necessary, and 4) Remaining at the same =
>institution, but attending completely different courses will allow me to =
>diversify more than other institutions will allow me.
>I'm still open to ideas (as these are only my own).  If you have any =
>more thoughts, I'd be glad to hear them.  Thanks again for taking the =
>time to respond.
>(Use the same address:  gibbgreg@isu.edu  I'm using a different server =
>for today only).

Nolan E. Hertel
Georgia Tech
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