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Fetal Dose Calculation Workbook

Fetal Dose Calculation Workbook

The Radiation Internal Dose Information Center (RIDIC) in Oak Ridge, TN
has developed a workbook to help people perform calculations of fetal
doses from intakes of radioactive materials.  This material was originally
presented in a Professional Enrichment Program (PEP) session at the
1997 Health Physics Society meeting, but is now generally available to
requestors through RIDIC.  This 70 page, spiral bound book includes:

- An introduction and general explanation of the Medical Internal
Radiaton Dose (MIRD) approach to internal dosimetry, including sample
- A brief description of currently available fetal dose models
- Tables of S-values for Tc-99m and I-131 in the nonpregnant adult
female and the adult female at 3 stages of pregnancy (3, 6, and 9
months gestation), including all maternal organs, the placenta and fetus
- A summary of the residence times and dose estimates for women at
all stages of pregnancy for most radiopharmaceuticals (from Russell et
al., Health Physics 73(5), 1997)
- Sample calculations for fetal doses in the case of radiopharmaceutical
administrations to pregnant women
- Fetal dose estimates for I-131 sodium iodide for hyperthyroid women,
athyroid women, and in euthyroid and hyperthyroid women in which the
administration of the I-131 followed conception by up to 8 weeks
- Fetal thyroid dose estimates for I-123, I-124, I-125, and I-131 sodium
iodide for months 3-9 of gestation
- Sample calculations for fetal doses from intakes of radionuclides in the
workplace, as given in NUREG/CR-5631 (Sikov and Hui 1996)

To obtain a copy of this document, see RIDIC's web page at

Mike Stabin