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Re: Math trivia -Reply

In a message dated 98-04-15 15:52:38 EDT, neildm@id.doe.gov writes:

<< Better re-read your math text; I ran both equations empirically
 out to n = 1000 in a spreadsheet and  (1+n)**1/n approaches 1
 asymptotically from above, where  (1 + 1/n)**n approaches e
 asymptotically from below. >>

Hard to tell in ASCII text exactly what's being said....but the equation for
"e" is 

e to the xth power  = (the sum, where n = 0 to infinity, of the following):  

(x to the nth power) divided by n!  (i.e., n factorial).....

Barbara, who has a fondness for e and pi